Floats for Fuel Line

To meet the stringent quality standards and diversities of the automotive market, Ebocam has more than 20 years of experience in the process of manufacturing floats in Ebonite and Poliacetal, guaranteeing the durability and resistance for the most diverse types of fuels; such as gasoline, hydrated eth Ebonite Floats:


Ebonite Floats:

Ebocam manufactures ebonite floats of different types of specifications, geometries, densities and specific customer requirements to meet the various vehicle models found in the automotive market.
Curiosidade: O Ebonite é um composto de borracha de origem vulcânica, rica em enxofre (S), com pouca elasticidade.

Polyacetal Floats:

Ebocam also offers the option of Polyacetal Float which is produced through the blowing process using 100% polyacetal material.
Curiosity: Polyacetal is a crystalline thermoplastic of high rigidity, used in precision parts that require a high rigidity, low friction and excellent dimensional stabilitys.


Application of Floats:


Stay Informed: Stay Informed: 95% of Vehicles and Motorcycles produced in Brazil use Ebocam parts.”