Immersion Tests

All production lots of ebonite floats directed to the fuel line are tested and analyzed by means of the Fuel Immersion Test.

For the tests, the most common fluids found at the fuel stations are used; such as Hydrated Ethanol (E100) and Common Gasoline (E27), for which it contains 27% Ethanol.

To make the test more aggressive with respect to the parts assembled in fuel tanks, the floats are fully immersed in the fluids, exposed at a temperature of 70 ° C, for at least 72 consecutive hours.

To ensure and control the performance of field floats, Ebocam conducts various types of tests to keep up with the trends found in the market, such as; Immersion tests on fuel for 14 days and for 1000hs; testing using adulterated fuels; and test with highly aggressive fluids, such as FAMB, by which Toluol, Methanol, etc. are used.